Eat Healthy and Stay Happy on Holiday

Healthy Snack

There is a common cliché which says, “Eating and staying healthy equates to staying happy”.  However, only few people are able to eat and stay healthy at any time at all let alone during holidays with the family where delicious meals and snacks are a dime a dozen! Imagine staring at a steaming hot plate […]

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Combat the early signs of ageing

As early as your mid to late 20’s you might start noticing the first signs of ageing, which are usually subtle but still a nuisance. It is normal that the skin condition might slightly deteriorate and you might start seeing puffiness just below the eyes or hyperpigmentation. Grey hair strands could also start appearing causing […]

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How Starchy Food Damages Teeth


Most people are aware that sugary sweets and cakes are bad for the teeth, but did you know that starchy foods can also cause problems for oral health? What are starchy foods? Starchy foods, as the name suggests, contain starch; they are usually forms of carbohydrate, which are broken down by the body to release […]

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Remove Excess Skin With a Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck

Removing excess skin with a tummy tuck refers to a procedure of cosmetic surgery to the abdomen with an aim of making it more firm. The surgery will involve removing the excess skin and fat along the abdomen. This allows the tightening of the muscles as well as the abdominal wall. Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty […]

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How 3D Printing Is The Future For Cosmetic Surgery

printing in belfast

3-D printing is expanding in the fields of its application. Every second scientists from labs around the globe are cracking many originally impossible puzzles by applying the concepts of 3-D printing. As we speak medical scientists and researchers have not been left behind to quickly conform to this amazing invention of the millennium. In this […]

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Importance Of Personal Hygiene Routines


Personal hygiene is important for a number of reasons and health professionals advise a daily hygiene routine, which is designed to benefit the whole body and keep infections and illnesses at bay.   Why is personal hygiene important?   Personal hygiene is predominantly important for good health; regular washing, washing your clothes and brushing your […]

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